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Nutrition Response Testing: Day 5 Testimonial

chiropractor near meTwo weeks ago, Karen and I had the pleasure of going to a Nutrition Response Testing Seminar. During the class the instructor tested everyone and we found my galbladder was asking for some help, which ironically when i go to visceral manipulation classes they always find my gallbadder to be under distress. We have been on the program for a five days now. Much to my suprise I am feeling a lot more awake and energized. My energy level has doubled from where I was. My mood has improved. I am able to wake up in the mornings again and not roll over and press snooze. I have not had any gastric distress or detoxing symptoms. Overall It feels like when you get over a cold and you feel fresh and it feels great just to be normal again.

I have been more then satisfied with my results we will continue to keep you all posted.

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