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Even a small accident can become a BIG deal

auto injury chiropracticHave you, a friend or loved one been injured in a car accident?

Car accidents or motor vehicle accidents (MVA) happen all the time. In fact, many of my patients report one or multiple care accidents which they attribute to their chronic pain and disability. Often, they tell me they didn’t think it was a big deal because they were only a little sore after the accident and since they were not going very fast, it never occurred to them that they might be injured at the time. 

Speeds as low as 5 miles per hour have been scientifically shown that they can, in fact, tear tissue, cause swelling, pain and/or spasm of tissues and can damage the spinal joints or exacerbate existing injuries. These small injures usually linger for some time before they cause significant pain and dysfunction. 

Once you come in we will discuss what happened and wither or not you need to move forward with care. Once you decide to jump onboard with care we will perform a detailed examination, in which you will be evaluated for any signs or symptoms of trauma. The thorough exam will cover cognitive, neurologic, vascular, joint range of motion, orthopedic and connective tissues. Then we will discuss your condition with you in depth, explaining what happened, the choices you have and what we can do for to recover.  

The sooner we can get you in the better. I usually like to see patients within the first 72 hours after the accident to start decreasing pain and inflammation. Don’t wait until after the insurance adjuster calls you to settle your case to seek care. Once your case is settled you will not have any legal action to take to pay for the care you deserve. whiplashAct today. Call Adjusting to Wellness Chiropractic, the case consultation is absolutely free! If you would like we will refer you to a lawyer who can help you navigate the legal waters and make sure you get the high quality care you need to resolve any issues you may have. We are committed to making sure you are made whole again! 

Call today to schedule your appointment. 

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