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About Us

Dr. Chance Higginbotham chiropractor​​Dr. Chance Higginbotham is a chiropractor in College Place, Washington.

Dr. Chance Higginbotham graduated from the University of Western States with honors. He currently holds three degrees, a Bachelors in Human Biology, a Masters in Exercise and Sport Science and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He has dedicated his life to intense postgraduate study and training to become the best clinician, enabling him to offering his patients the best care. His focus is on true wellness care, optimizing the human body to perform at the highest level. Whether that be an amateur athlete who dreams of competing professionally or if someone is just struggling to get out of bed in the mornings without pain. Dr. Chance understands that no two patients are alike, but unique individuals as is their diagnosis and thus utilizes many different techniques to create an individualized treatment program for each patient’s complaints. Therefore, there are no predetermined treatment protocols and patients are involved in all treatment decisions, thus helping each patient to reach their individual goals.

He has dedicated his life to one motto: “For the good of the patient”.

Dr. Chance has always enjoyed riding and racing motorcycles, which continues to be a large part of his life today. He also enjoys spending time in the mountains, watching his nieces grow, and spending time with his family.


Many people think chiropractors only treat low back pain. However, chiropractic physicians are trained to treat many different musculoskeletal issues ranging from plantar fasciitis and sprained ankles, to tennis elbow and migraines. Chiropractors look at the functionality of the human body and use hands on techniques and specific functional exercises to help restore the body to its proper function. In most cases, when you successfully restore proper function to the body peoples pain disappears and they can perform on totally new levels. The ultimate goal is to decrease pain and increase proper body functionality.  After which routine maintenance or periodic checkups is recommended especially for higher risk for injury patients.


Dr. Chance treats the following conditions:

Sprained ankle
Tennis elbow
Plantar fasciitis
spinal pain
knee pain and shoulder pain
abdominal pain and dysfunction
hip pain
carpal tunnel
nerve pain
muscle spasm
And many more…


Supplements via Muscle Testing
Corrective Exercises
Active Release Technique
Low force joint mobilization
Keniso taping
Visceral Manipulation
Trigger point therapy


Many people assume that seeing a chiropractor means that they have to go for weeks and weeks and undergo many treatments. However, most conditions that will respond to our treatment in as few as 5-6 visits. There are some conditions that are more severe and require more visits due to anatomical changes or the severity of the injuries, however if we are not seeing continued progress, we will always refer to the appropriate next step in treatment.